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  • Which Filter Fits My Unit?

    Make sure you know the manufacturer of your mini split unit, then locate the model number of your indoor unit. This is usually found on a sticker on the side of the unit. Measure the filters you are replacing to verify size with our listings. If you are unable to determine which filters you need with this information, send us an email to Please include all of the previous information and attach photos for reference.

  • When Should Filters Be Replaced?

    Filter changes and cleanings may be done as often as needed. Environment can affect the amount of particles filtered, therefore influencing the frequency of replacement. Some situations benefit from maintenance every 90 days. 

  • How Do I Install A Filter?

    • Power down your unit.
    • Open the front panel and remove dirty filters slowly. Place them in a plastic bag to contain dust.
    • Make sure your new filters are an exact match to the old ones.
    • Clip the new small enzyme filters to your new screen filter (when applicable).
    • Carefully install the new filters.
    • Close the front panel and power on your unit.